Now this is so easy it hurts, but is phenomenal.

Slow Cooker
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup ketchup
1 cup your favorite “hard stuff”
1 2-5 lb post roast of your choice
Option - 1 slower cooker bag to reduce the mess

Mix sugar, ketchup, “hard stuff” together.
Put roast in the bag or right in cooker.
Pour mixture over roast.
Set cooker on low and cook 5-6 six hours.

I think this was originally invented by Jack Daniels, but I have also tried vodka and rum. Rum was my favorite (One Barrel would be great!) and I bet there are many great options to be discovered.

1.You’re cooking so you don’t need expensive stuff.
2.Don’t drink the liquid after the roast is done – yuck! Must have been the ketchup!

Try it you can not go wrong!

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