There is just so much to see on a ride through the bike trails of Plano .

Almost as soon as we started out we noticed a small figure wobbling towards us. He was maybe 5 or 6 years old, of Chinese heritage with not only a helmet, but knee and elbow pads and wrist braces, and he looked ready for battle! His head was tilted back to stop his helmet falling forward over his eyes, which were adorned with glasses that seemed to be made from the bottom of coke bottles, and as he got closer, we pulled over to the side of the trail, but to no avail! Despite warning shouts from his mother, who was following behind, he rode straight into us: “Vely solly” she said “He just lemoved tlaining reels!” and with that we headed south and Rance Almslong sped on northwards to wreak havoc upon anyone else whose path he crossed smile

A few miles further along, we encounter the “washboard” section: it is here that a gaggle of young boys with skateboards congregate, supposedly to enjoy the bumps in the trail, but judging from the snigger's that can be heard as we ride by, even a semi cute woman of advancing years can be enthralling for those just discovering the joy of jiggling mamories!

In the distance I see a man with 2 women, presumably his wife and daughter, approaching an oscillating sprinkler head at the side of the trail: by the time I get to them, the girls look like they are about to enter a wet T-Shirt contest, while dad has walked through untouched. They are complaining that it isn't fair that he is still dry! As I pass him I say “Isn't that whole time/space concept thing wonderful” to which he replies “ The scary thing is, they both have drivers licenses!”. Its a short exchange, but with 100% mutual understanding: men don't seem to need a lot of words sometimes. He shrugs and I nod in empathy. When Jane catches up to me, for some reason, she is soaking wet smile

We turn for home, and its the high spot of our day.....the hot couple! They are about 25 years old with no discernible body fat, and seemingly have no problem chatting while running 6 minute miles! He wears nothing but shorts while she is about 5-10, with washboard abs, golden skin and long blond hair, sort of like a fit Paris Hilton in a spray on top and running briefs.I am smitten! I believe Mrs Pug may find him mildly attractive also, but the old tart is too busy licking her lips and drooling to answer my query!

I think to myself that I wouldn't mind seeing their home movies, but hey as long as I'm only thinking it, no one will know, right?...

Almost home now, and then its English Brunch: Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Mushroom, Fried Potato's and Toast with HP Sauce and several cups of Tea

Its so good to exercise...leads to a healthy body and mind, so I'm told wink

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......