Victoria House is absolutely beautiful and you will have a lovely time there. Jesse is correct, they can point you to anything you might need. Bring a repellant with 30% DEET - The OFF sheets are great.
I love Pedro's and even on your honeymoon it is worth stopping in. If you and your new bride are both poker players - all the more reason to pop in! laugh
The couple's massage is a great idea. Asian Gardens does a couple's massage in their secluded outdoor courtyard. They are wonderful and the surroundings are so peaceful. Visit the Palapa Bar just the other side of the cut and have drinks while you stare out over the ocean at the waves breaking over the reef. It would be a shame to be that close to Mayan ruins and not see some, so be sure and consider a day trip. Shark/Ray Alley should be on the 7 wonders of the world list as far as I'm concerned - get there! There is an abundance of romantic restaurants on the island - Casa Picasso is my personal favorite, others will chime in with theirs. But don't pass up the opportunity to eat once or twice at the street vendors. If you are at all interested attending Mass at least once while you are there is a blessed experience. Pick out at least one very substantial piece of art to keep forever as a reminder of your honeymoon. Above all, best wishes for a wonderful new life! smile