This is an interesting post from a Russian friend about the political history.

" 't was not annexion. 't was protectorat agreement in 1783. Some later Russia withdrew their army (in 1787) because of Russian-Turkish war and separatists' protest. And after Persian invasion in 1795, when Georgians were blasted out by Persians, Russia was forced to take part in this war to through out Persians from Georgia. Six years later dying King of Georgia , Georgius XII, asked Russian Tsar Paul I to incorporate Georgia into Russian Empire, having the reason to protect his people.
There were another times, rough and inpolite, but I must say, America did the same for Philippines and Cuba - protected them from Spain, then incorporated as territories. It was usual practic."
Having nothing but sorrow for this conflict, I have to say, current Georgian president is insane figure, trying to make US and RU enemies for his personal political ambitions.

I love hearing the real people speak and not what CNN thinks.

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