though would share with the board an opinion I had and have as it still seems as relevant today as it was then.
Excerpt from
Library of Congress number:2001119406
ISBN #: 1-4010-3643-0

Ambergris Caye
“hanging like a teardrop from the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Its shores now decorated only with the dregs of renegade buccaneers and expatriated pirates who had mated with the Mestizo and Maya refugees.
For 200 years Ambergris’ population grew slowly, a place where who you were or what you were didn’t matter; wild fowl roamed the island; coconuts fell from the trees; and fish were pulled from the ocean enough to provide an existence for those who could not or did not want to go elsewhere. A hideout in the world where pirates and misfits could be themselves without worry of law and order, an island paradise!”

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