Last month, BWS came by because they said "We noticed your water usage was low." Ok, I'm ok with that, and then I told them that we had been out of the country and had turned our water off, so I'm sure that's the problem. They insisted that the meter was bad, and that they had to change it....ok fine, no problem, as long as I have water in the cistern and the well, I don't use BWS water. While they were in the yard changing the meter, they lounged all over our lounge chairs, took the hoses off the outdoor spigots (and never got them on correctly, I had to go out and tell them that those spigots were well water and they would never get a reading from those), and they left all the spare parts and pieces laying in the yard from their "changing the meter".

At any rate I get a bill today for their "guesstimated" amount of $249.13 from July 11 to July 31, and another 'reading' on August 4 for $276.96. (Their bill says the meter reads 648 gallons, I just went out and checked and today, 9 days after they read the meter, it says 44.1 gallons)

A phone call confirmed that they had simply "guessed" the amount of water we would have used had our meter been working properly.

After dealing with them before on a similar overcharge matter, I have no doubts that when the "supervisor" returns on Wednesday, this will not be resolved.

Anyone have any ideas/contacts that I can get in touch with outside the San Pedro branch?


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