While I agree the police are a bit busy with the two legged problems facing them right now, I,personally, would consider this to be a two legged problem as well. There are two legged people breaking a known law in order to make money. This may be considered entertainment for the tourists, but then so could prostitution and drug sales should one be so inclined.

I am very happy to see that the police were able to round up some of the thieves/robbers that have been plaguing SP as noted in another post located at //ambergriscaye.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/293727/ARMED_ROBBERS_ARRESTED.html#Post293727

The police have my respect as I know they are busy. I also agree that politics whether governmental or social determine which laws get fully enforced. Everyone tends to prioritize by one series of values or another. I just don't want to see an illegal practice that is well known and very public to cause a black eye to the tourism trade of SP.

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Many of the people I know also love AC as I am sure those that post here do as well.

Just my opinion - not intended to offend - that is pug's job wink

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