Yesterday, while driving north over the bridge, there were 3 children (1 boy, 2 girls) no older than 5 or 6, torturing a puppy. This was on the left side at that little store. The puppy was trapped on top of a table and was SCREAMING, not just yelping or crying.

The 3 were taking turns kicking, stomping, and slapping the puppy that was no more than 5 months old (and laughing).

Tourists in golf carts were yelling from the bridge for the kids to stop.

We stopped and told the kids in both English & Spanish that this was very bad. Where's your mother? Who's dog is this? We got just a shrug and a "smirk."

I grabbed the puppy, gave it food & water, counted the ticks I took off, and gave it to SAGA with some cash to cover expenses. I've never seen a happier animal.

What the hell is wrong in this world that little kids could be so cruel? Is there nobody we can turn to that handles animal abuse? I think it's time for a dog-catcher/animal-police.

Sorry to rant, but this was bad. Now I hear the owner/daddy is hunting us down demanding his dog.

Amy B.