Okay, the disturbance was first named Invest 94 (this is a name given to an area that has the potential to develop into a tropical storm.) It was then upgraded to a tropical depression. Now the tropical depression has been upgraded to a tropic storm - this means that it has maximum sustained winds of 39 mph or more and has a closed circulation (rotates.)

At the moment the computer models best guess is that the Tropical Storm Gustav will be heading in the vicinity of the Dominican Republic/Haiti. Then they guess it will cross over Cuba and then curve back a little and head to the Bahamas.

These forecast tracks can be very accurate at times, and at other times be completely wrong.

JUST ADDED: From all of the blogs, chat boards etc I am gathering that the National Hurricane Center is NOT comfortable that the computer models are even close to accurate at the moment. There was another storm feature that has been interfering with the forecasting. So be sure and check the weather channel #28 at 10 minutes to each hour and check the wunderground tropical weather page and the crown weather tropical weather page to get a broad idea of what the new forecast models will be predicting over the days to come. Some of the models are predicting landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula - so be prepared.

If you are living in Belize my advice to you would be to ensure that you have a hurricane plan and supplies. In most cases you are expected to evacuate any low lying areas and the cayes if a Tropical Storm (or hurricane) is threatening our area. You should always try and have access to some evacuation funds.

If a storm threatens your area you will hear official broadcasts on the radio and television. Your village or town will have the flag system. The flag on Ambergris Caye is at the town hall.

You must not listen to rumours on the street - only listen to the public advisories.

If you don't have a plan - make it now. If you don't have the right supplies (including medicines and pet foods) get them together now. If you don't have evacuation funds, start saving - now.

Whether or not you evacuate you are typically expected to be fairly self sufficient. You should have your own supply of food, clothes, water, toiletries, medicines, blankets etc.

Hurricane shelters will not accept pets.

Being prepared will mean that you will be a lot less stressed if a storm does threaten or hit.

As always, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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