Hi All,

This is my first post as I have just joined. I have met a couple from this area a few years ago, and the way they spoke about home, made me eager to visit. I am a retired senior, and had to retire because of my hearing loss, which I suffered after two air plane trips. Each time I lost hearing in my right ear, and the other time in my left ear. I was on blood thinner for a year and had to remain calm and rested,to avoid a stroke. It did not help so I had surgery on my right ear to see if there was a hole in my ear drum, but there was not. I now wear two digital hearing aids, and I am taking ASL Sign Language which I enjoy. I say all of this because I would like to know if I can sail to the island instead of taking a plane, which I no longer do.

I can still hear if people speak slowly, with a moderate tone. Loud, is not good as there is an echo with loud voices. The voices of men are the most difficult, because I lost the base portion of my hearing. High pitch sounds are better for me.

I just want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, where the hustle and bustle is what I can leave behind, here in Los Angeles. Any information on my survival, with the outline of my problem I have written, will be appreciated.

I have a cell phone, but it is for emergency use. If only for me to let someone know I am in danger. Even if I cannot hear their response, I can tell them where I am, and they can come for me.

It is not my nature to complain, because I cannot argue with fate.

I love the expression I have read here regarding, .."not waiting for the storm to pass...." I wish I knew who wrote it because it is so beautiful, there should be an authors name attached.

My spelling is not perfect so please excuese my errors, there is no spell checker here