August 28, 2008

Belize Telemedia Limited today launched the electronic version of their 2008 Telephone Directory. Suzette Tillett is the Manager of Directory Services at Telemedia.

Suzette Tillett, Manager of Directory Services at Telemedia

“Well since the publishing of the book in April of this year we have noticed that customers are asking for more products and services as far as directories are concerned. And having the book on the internet gives customers an easier way to access the directory. The E-Directory is basically what you find in the book itself, exactly what is in the book it is available electronically; you will find all your classified listings, your yellow page listings all your ads everything that is in the yellow pages you will find that now accessible in the e-directory. This is the way actually the market is going and most people are using the internet and going this way it is a benefit to our customers as well as to us. Customers can now view all the ads in the yellow pages and from those ads they are able to link to the customers we pages and send them an email via the same e directory.”

Tillett says that the e-directory is an added bonus for customers. While advertisers might get additional coverage it is at no extra cost to them at this time. Customers can now access the E-Directory through or Telemedia’s 2008 directory is now available in three versions, the full size version, the mini directory and the E-directory.