"You may find it easier to get licensed here, if that is the case."

Need has NOTHING to do with licensure.

Belize has a "protectionism" attitude toward licensure for pretty much all work permits / licenses and especially the medical license.

Example: there is an anestesiologist who has been living on the island as "common law" wife of another local physcian for six years or more. She has been repeatedly denied a license for "private practice". According to her husband she will soon complete some addition requirements to finally get her license.

The thought is that if Belize allows first world country doctors in to practice that all the people would rush to them and not use "Belizean" doctors. This certainly would NOT be the case but that is the thought process. The local doctors have a good reputation and I'm sure most do a great job. Just because I'm from the US doesn't mean that all of docor Dan's patients will leave him and come to me if I were there. I'm sure none would! He is a well liked and well respected doctor that NEEDS some help. I'm willing to help him but I currently cannot.

I was recently granted a license to practice in Belize only on a voluntary basis and only in a public facility and not a "private" facility even if I'm willing to volunteer in that private facility.

The plan was for me to volunteer at Dr. Dan's in order to give him some occasional time off. Currently when he's off or out of country his patients in need of OB services for labor / delivery must go to the mainland.

Well, at least I have made a small step toward my ultimate goal of obtaining a medical license for "private practice" in Belize.

If you plan to volunteer in a public entity only then it's just a matter of presenting all the requirements to the Secretary of the Medical Counsel. The counsel meets once a month or so and will consider your application once completed at the next meeting. The documentation is rather extensive as you'd expect so it takes some time to get all your certified copies of diplomas, boards, USMLE, criminal back groung check, ect., ect.

Future full time Belizeans
Tommy & Sonia Blackledge
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