You are getting more and more incredible as time goes by. Perhaps you should spend more time lobbying the government instead of trying to obtain approval from the member of this board.

I am amazed at your audacity - attempting to tell Natalie ANYTHING about Dr. Dan's business. She has been working with Danny ever since he became a qualified MD. She is one of the most qualified and experienced nurses and mid-wifes that I have ever had the pleasure and honour to have known. Danny and Natalie have delivered more babies on this island than any other professional team.

All of the doctors on the island deliver babies. Danny is the only specialized OB/GYN. Nobody needs to leave the island in order to deliver a baby unless they require specialized care or surgery.

We don't necessarily need an anesthesiologist on the island - although it would be nice. We don't have any fully equipped OR's nor do we have a decent X-ray machine - or room to house one. But this type of care is available only 30 miles away in Belize City or 50 miles away in Chetumal.

I would desperately love to see Dr. Tina obtain her license to practice medicine in Belize, she has certainly worked hard to earn and deserve the license.

We have a visiting pediatrician and they poly clinic brings in a wide variety of specialists.

Certainly the poly clinic would enjoy and appreciate your voluntary services.

I believe Natalie should be shown the respect and appreciation that she deserves.

Please stop putting your pompous, holier than thou foot in your mouth, it is getting old.