Isn't "Pre Construction Financing" just another term for a developer that doesn't have the money? The scam is to to take money from investors and, after enough investors are gathered 1) build what they say they're going to build (unlikely), or 2) run off with the money. Most investors do due diligence and wouldn't be so foolish to drop $50,000 down in their own country--why would they do it in a country that doesn't have any regulatory body over their real estate agents? There are SO MANY "Pre Construction Financing" scams in San Pedro. One they're selling land that they don't even own, and is a part of the natural reserve that will destroy the local eco system. Look for proof in the scams and see how many developments have been "in process" for YEARS and they're still far from completed. They're destroying the beauty of the area and, after they've sold the integrity out of the place as has happenend in Cancun, they'll run back to the U.S. or Canada--with your money. Does anyone else on the ground agree, and isn't there anything that can be done to put an end to charlatan real estate developer/agent scammers?