Are you involved at all politically?

Advocate for your position. Advocate for those that feel the same way you do. Make your voice heard. Organize people to do the same.

Go to the meetings that are scheduled by the BTB, SPBA, political entities, as well as others that may have any bearing on your topics of interest. Have your facts together. Speak up during public comment sessions. Go to board meetings - if only to be seen - it will make it known that someone is watching.

The only voice heard is the voice that speaks to the people that make the rules. Rumblings and grumblings won't make a difference unless they are done in an organized manner with the "people that matter" listening. In other words: GO TO THE MEETINGS.

I say these things as a person that has to deal with people that rumble and grumble, but won't speak up when it counts. I am on the school board and always hear everything third party, gossip style. I want and need facts to direct my decisions not hearsay and opinion.

Good luck!

It's great to be .....