To answer, no, I am no involved politically here. However, there is a large expatriate community that is but, like it or not, they're not in control. Permits are granted by those in power who are eager to take money into their pocket and sell out their own community. Think of the politicians last election who were giving away property for votes, or paying for travel to get people to vote in their districts. Another evidence, the dredging that was done in front of Belize Yacht Club. Works begun, destruction caused for months, and then it was revealed they had no permits and was shut down. How did they get to operate in the first place. Another example, Sands Villas dumping rubbish for many months as fill which was not only unsightly, but will be a detriment to anyone that buys there as the area settles. People are getting away with what they are allowed to get away with, and it's also at the hands of people paid to turn their backs. I think it's called corruption where I come from.