Municipalities To Take Over Traffic Dept
Wednesday, 03 September 2008

From the 15th of this month Town Councils throughout the country will be taking over the duties from the Ministry of Transport in licensing and inspecting motor vehicles. The Councils will also take on the responsibility of monitoring the flow of traffic within town limits only. The changes were requested to Central Government in efforts of allowing the Councils to collect extra revenues as the present Belize and Belmopan City Councils, who already have autonomy in their Transport Departments. While the council has not officially taken over the department here in Town, workers under the council are already being trained by transport officers on how to conduct check points and how to properly fill out tickets. As you can see, personnel from the Town Council and Transport Department were out on Guadalupe Street, this morning conducting a check point as the training will be carried out around town for the next two weeks. While the Orange Walk and Corozal Town Councils will be monitoring traffic flow within town limits, the Police will continue to patrol all highways and village areas. This does not mean that the Transport Department has been liquidated as the department will also be working closely with the town council within town.

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