I see that boast thinks that I have something to do with South Beach. Which I don't. I have never viewed or shown or sold a property at South Beach, or Reef Village. I have been to Reef Village once, to take a look at the pool. That is the absolute extent of my relationship with those projects.

What is Islands of San Pedro?

I do have a million irons in the fire - but none of these even include thoughts of South Beach.

There are a lot of community projects being worked on behind the scenes although all will come to light in due course.

I spend an inordinate amount of my time and energy trying to assist in community projects.

For those of you that actually do care enough to make a difference please join any one of the groups that are working diligently to achieve many goals to improve the quality of life on this island. Unfortunately the skills we are looking for do not include "internet troll."