Dan, I guess it's a matter of perspective. I don't consider SP a resort island - not even close, well maybe getting closer than 4 or 5 years ago, but still a long ways to go. I also don't consider it expensive. The first time we were there I made a comment about things being pretty reasonably priced and the proprieter I was talking to said, "You must be from California or New York." So I guess it depends on what you're used to. I'm not a big fan of the street vendors, but we do cook in a couple of times each trip and we are not 3-meal-a-day people, so breakfast and dinner are pretty much it and with breakfast included in the room price at Banana Beach, eating just doesn't run us much. Now bar tabs, that's a whole other thread wink

I can never remember which is better . . . safe? . . . or sorry?