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the GOB has aleady siezed assests of those who have not complied. We missed filing the proper paperwork for last for last year, so have been through the process.

OUCH !!! This kind of thing really makes me mad !!! Why can't they give the people just another warning or two before they take advantage of the situation and line their pockets with your company's assets by siezing them???

If you have visible brick and mortar business in Belize the only thing the GOB should be able to seize from you is your building. If you are doing business in Belize using a discount
offshore LLC
from a country with very strict privacy
laws and have offshore bank accounts opened up in your company name outside of Belize then you can protect some of your business
from seizure.

I am not sure if the GOB will allow you to operate a visible
business with brick and mortar using an offshore limited liability company or a
Seychelles IBC or Panama Corporation instead of a Belize IBC but it would be a good thing to check into as it may protect you somewhat in the future. You should never hold very much money in a bank account in the country you are living in. It only makes you a sitting duck. Quack Quack !!!

Perhaps Marty or some others who are living in Belize can
direct you to a reputable attorney who can help you with
these things I mentioned. I hate to see any government prey
upon people for overlooking a filing or some such thing that
could be easily corrected. Some of you have moved to Belize
to get away from Big Brother. So they should not be allowed
to prey upon you in your new and safe offshore home.

SAFE offshore banking for YOU !