NEMO reports Waha Leaf, Mullins and Kendal causeways impassable

[Linked Image] In June of this year, tropical storm Arthur severed southern Stann Creek and the Toledo Districts from the rest of the country. The overflow of the Sittee River washed away the Kendall Bridge and tonight once again, there is no access to southern Belize beginning at Mile twenty-six due to heavy rains over the weekend. Late reports to the newsroom from NEMO say that the southern approach to the Waha Leaf Bridge near Mile twenty-six of the southern highway has been washed away because of flooding and that the Mullins River Causeway is also flooded and impassable.

Further south, the Kendall causeway that was put up as an emergency solution to facilitate traffic to the area is tonight under six feet of water. Operations Officer of N.E.M.O., Lieutenant Coronel Roberto Ramirez, is appealing for caution.

Lt. Col. Roberto Ramirez, Operations Officer, N.E.M.O.
“What has happened is the causeway that is used on a daily basis for vehicles to go to and fro on the southern highway is presently under about six feet of water. And that has caused the closure of the road with the road link there at Kendall passing. We would like the motorists to be very careful when they are approaching Kendall Bridge. At the present moment, it is completely closed because the river is too high and even the boats that cross people from one bank to the other cannot be used because of safety precautions.”

Duane Moody
“How soon could you expect that the causeway will be back—will be functioning?”

Lt. Col. Roberto Ramirez
“We cannot have a definite time because it all depends on the rain. We can predict as long as the rain stops, the water starts receding and it can come back to normal again.”

And in an update to the promised Bailey bridge that is being donated by the U.S. Army, NEMO says the bridge will be assembled and ready in the next two weeks.

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