Cacao and Coffee Farmers Co-op formed in Punta Gorda

Press Release – San Pedro, Belize – September 16th, 2008 –
J Squared Caribbean Limited announces a number of new investment areas in Punta Gorda, Belize.

James Jensen, major shareholder and owner of the Liquor Box in San Pedro states, “PG has a wealth of untapped agriculture products that are in need of strong packaging and marketing opportunities. Last year the majority of the coffee harvest was not even picked due to the lack of available markets. There is a clear need for assisting and organizing these resources and we are pleased to be a part of doing so.”

The Co-op is a complete partnership with fully committed investment dollars already put in place. Juan Cho, who heads the Sustainable Harvest program ( ) on behalf of SHI in Punta Gorda, is playing a key roll in the overall program. Jensen states, “First, we have a partnership with Juan Cho in his chocolate processing operation and in turn we have a partnership with the farmers through Juan. As a grower himself, and a leader of the organic farming movement in Punta Gorda, Juan needed financial support to expand his chocolate operation. J Squared Caribbean Limited has accomplished this by funding a new facility. Completion is slated for November 2008. The new facility will process chocolate, offer guided tours of the family cacao farm and host a restaurant featuring local food.”

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Look out for products under the Carib-Bean brand!

The next level of investment comes in a joint venture between Jensen, Cho and Rose. Vince and Cherie Rose, long time residents of Belize and founders of the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in PG, will be opening a branch of the San Pedro Liquor Box in downtown Punta Gorda, offering the same outstanding service and products. Inside the Liquor Box building will be located the new C&C Farmers Co-op for cacao and coffee processing and distribution. Future growth of the facility includes access to an additional 20 acres for further development.

The goal of the Co-op is to bridge the gap between the traditional small farmers and the market by serving as a gateway through which the high quality products produced can be transcended from a raw graded state into a finished consumer product ready to market. The Co-op has already received support from some 900 farmers in the Toledo District and several facilities in Belize where coffee roasters have came forth to work with us. “The support is overwhelming,” states Jensen.

While the primary products are chocolate and coffee, other related commodities made available will include a full line of spices and Vanilla. The logo and brand packaging shall be clear that these products are fair trade certified with the farmers and growers, are 100% organic and represent Belize traditional history.

For more information please contact Juan Cho at 663-9632 or Jim Jensen at 626-7331.

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