One question keeps rising from the many that folks have when they consider living here is, 'Where do you get good medical attention'.
Belize is improving and the solution to a medical problem can be found here much more often than in the past.
Over the years I've heard the locals respond, 'Merida' and I would pass along this wisdom,even though I had never been. Merida is in Mexico at the top of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Medical center of the region.
I did the trip last month. I documented all the details and expenses of the trip for the purpose of posting them here to help those that need to go.
I found the Belize government sends cases that can't be treated in Belize to Merida through the Belize Social Security and has professional expediters/translators to help patients every inch of the way.
These professionals also assist private trips and the costs are small, or I should let you decide that for yourself after you read the report.

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