Just stagger north up the beach a couple hundred yards until you see a rather large palapa with a decent sized sign in front. "BC's". You will find an ecletic mix of tourists, locals, gringos, and ex pats. Rumor has it that alcohol has been known to have been served there in large quantities. Nothing unmanageable mind you, just large. We were to have been there this Sunday, but since the power has JUST been turned on to our little crack in the "rock", that didn't seem like such a good idea.

Back to bars....Fido's is very good. Try the Hideaway for a some more local "color". Stroll south down the beach past the Yacht Club and Woody's to Coconuts Beach Bar. Say "hi" to the gals for us, but take a butt cushion. For some reason they have the hardest damn stools on the island (even though Jesse disagrees).
Since the north side of the cut is REALLY without power, and the 'cane tore it up, our favorite place in the world probably won't be available. The Palapa. If you can't relax there you are truly hopeless.

Those are all just for starters. There are a whole lot more. Have fun, and don't drink all of my blue liquore and Bombay Sapphire. Ernie at BC's will know what you are talking 'bout if you say "Blue Drink". Oh boy! Have Fun!