The reason this is going to the Supreme Court and not being tried on the ACMB is because its not "easy, Case Dismissed"

At what level of government are any and all employees held to what standard is the crux of this case, as is the level of reliance a field employee can give to information passed through the normal chain of command and control without independent verification, which is why I found it more worthy of comment than the Sonar and the Whales !

And, yes I am aware that between rolling through a stop sign and a legal search there are several other steps, however I was perhaps remiss in thinking that in order to participate in a discussion such as this a reasonable understanding of legal proceedings would be a pre requisite?

It was merely an example of how the officers could have chosen to proceed were they intent on skirting Mr Herrings rights

The usual compliant about both myself and Leah Ann is one of too much detail, but here is an example of what happens when even a small piece of the chain is left out!

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......