October 09, 2008

Students at the San Isidro Village R.C. School in the Stann Creek District have not been attending classes for the past month. This is due to a fire that completely destroyed the building that housed the school. The school’s administration has been trying to secure a location to house the children but so far nothing has been finalized. District Education Officer, Luis Carballo explains.

Luis Carballo, District Education Officer

“The day after the fire Mr. Cayetano, assistant local Manager and I met at San Isidro and we tried to see what would be the best option to start classes almost immediately. We saw that there were two churches in the neighborhood and Mr. Cayetano tried to get the permission to use those two churches to house the students. For the larger Church we couldn’t get the go ahead for the usage and for the smaller one the go ahead was given but it was too far toilet facilities. For that reason the management made a decision not to use the smaller Church. They were able to get confirmation from one of the armies that they were going to get assistance with tents to be able to host the children and that was what they were waiting for to start classes. They were also waiting for some black board from the ministry, which we have sent, and I expect that they will start classes as soon as possible.”

District Education Officer, Luis Carballo.

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