The flood waters in the Grace Bank area rose steadily at a rate of about 0.5 inches per hour during the week leading up to Thursday 23rd. October 2008. Between Thursday morning and Monday morning the waters rose a little more than 3 feet and between Monday morning and Wednesday morning the water rose by a total of 0.75 inches and has been holding steady up to Thursday afternoon. The water has been rising on the western side of the northern highway and flowing through culverts (mainly through the Mexico Creek Culvert at Mile 20 1/4) into the catchment area on the eastern side of the Northern Highway (Mexico Lagoon - the area between the NEW Northern Highway and the OLD Northern Highway i.e. Maskall, Bomba, Lucky Strike area). On Monday culverts could no longer handle the volume of water and the water started flowing over the highway in the Mexico Creek culvert area. On Monday there was a difference of about 18 inches between the water on the Water on the Eastern and Western sides of the highway. That differenial as been decreasing as the Eastern side continues to rise - yesterday the differenial was less than a foot. The net result of this event has been that the water on the western (river) side of the highway has been holding steady while the waters on the eastern side (Maskall area) has been rising. When the two sides level off (which should be soon - i.e. within the next day or two) it is possible that the water level on the western (river) side will begin to rise again.
My next report will be on Saturday 1st. November. I expect these flood waters to take at least a month to flow of.

Alvaro Rosado