Just came back from Spanish Lookout via the backway, Bullet Tree, Santa Familla and Billy White. First time I ever went that way. Smooth gravel road, can hit 50 mph. Do not know who looks after it, but great two lane gravel road, well maintained and no pot holes. Lot of traffic, more than the Western Highway. 18 wheelers by the score, lots of big vans and trucks and pickups as well. One washout in an ashpalt paved section and you have to go around a detour, that is guess and by golly, not marked. In Billy White I think?
Macal River this morning was almost normal. You could see the surface of the low bridge and they were walking on it, for repairs.
When we parked in a long line of pickup trucks and were sitting eating ice cream in the dairy and I looked out, our Toyota 4 cylinder pickup was dwarfed by all the other pickups. Looked like a child's tinker toy, only half as high and half as long as the other pickup trucks in the line. Could barely see it, it looked so small. The Mopan was running very fast at 6 or 7 mph

Ray Auxillou