Ah...you've been biten by the bug. See your doctor straight away! smile I've been there and done that. As have many of the people on this message board. Sound advice always comes from Amanda Syme from Sunset Realty, Jesse (Invest in Belize) and my buddy Bill Thornton from St. Louis, Mo. These are just a few who have been there or going there for a long time. I'm sure I'm missing some important ones, but my mind isn't what it used to be, sorry (chemo brain...LOL).

While Amanda and Jesse live there full time (probably 20 plus years), Bill has a condo on the lagoon side, in alligator haven...LOL, and travels to San Pedro for 3 months then back to the states for 3 months and so on and so on. That way you never get tired of either place and you appreciate and get to enjoy the things you love most about each place. Basically, you have the best of both worlds. Mind you, he's retired and does not have to worry about how he will make a living in Belize.
If I had it to do all over, this would be the way I would want it. You need money and a fair amount of it to make it there.

The cocktail dreams, beautiful turquoise waters, and lazy hammock dreams just aren't the same when you are trying to scratch out a living and keep a roof over your head and food in your belly.

My advice...retire first so you have a set income to live off of, then go back and forth as discussed above until you really get to know the place and the hassels it takes to live there. Then if you still want that dream?...then go for it. You will be prepared then and have the skills it takes to be HAPPY at it.

Heaven on earth isn't Heaven on earth unless there's HAPPINESS with it. Just my humble opinion. smile

Good luck Graham and take care.