not much of an easy listening type myself. Nobody I knew listened to Donovan or the Moody Blues or any of that stuff. When Steely Dan got big we all wondered what happened to rock music, who let this jazz onto the FM station?

We'd pile into my '65 Dodge Dart and head down to Frisco, which the locals always called "The City", to see a show at Bill Graham's Winterland Ballroom and drive home at the break of dawn. At Winterland, no band ever packed up their equipment until the crowd quit yelling for encores. During encores, big name artists would wander on stage to jam with the headline acts, telling the crowd "we were just out late and thought we'd see who was playing tonight".

I went to LA, where my mom lives, for Easter and saw California Jam at the Ontario Motor Speedway. It was the first time I spent $10 for a ticket. I was always a sucker for Country Rock, and a new band called the Eagles was one of the opening acts. I think that the days of seeing the Eagles for $10 will forever be in the rearview mirror.

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As the years have gone by I've broadened my perspective somewhat-I even own a copy of Steely Dan's Aja CD. I've got some old blues and Broadway scores. But right now Blind Faith is playing on iTunes. Rock, pure rock with an edge, is my first love.

Yessir, give me the power trio any day. It was a black day on my calendar when Grand Funk hired a keyboard player. Really, if you couldn't do it with guitars and a drum kit, what was the point? Horns? Well, I had friends in the marching band and they were big Chicago fans. The first album was okay, but in the '60s and '70s I didn't have much time for wind instruments.

I still hope I die before I get old. But as somebody once said "growing up leads to growing old, which leads to dying, and dying don't seem like very much fun". My plan is to grow up a split second before I breath my last breath, and I'll put off growing old until after that.


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