Ambergris Today welcomes back Chris Emmanuel and his popular weekly column “Secrets to Life”. After a short hiatus from working on publishing his new book, Chris is back with your favorite inspirational writings.
A Mind That Matters
A New Book by Christopher Emmanuel
Many people who suffer from mental illness and addiction live out their lives missing their true purpose. In this book Christopher Emmanuel shows you how he was able to heal his mind and discover his passion for life.
A Mind That Matters is full of techniques he used to recall, explore and review choices that previously had kept him a prisoner of his mind. It offers the readers alternative ways to achieve wellness through deeper mental focusing and by accessing character traits that have been hidden from view. The reader will learn how to unravel mind clutter and discover their true self.
It’s true that we create our own realities,” said Christopher. “I’ve found that when we embrace this concept, we bring enormous power to heal our lives. Our thoughts provide the gateways to all physical manifestations to the worldly results we want.”
In this life-changing book you’ll learn to:
* Take charge of your mind
* Access your hidden abilities that can lead the way to successful living
* Create your dreams effortlessly
* Find peace and harmony in your life
* Live in a constant state of gratitude and joy
* Center your life and awaken new possibilities
* Connect to your Divine nature
* Open to a life filled with abundance
Christopher Emmanuel is a successful artist/writer/inspirational speaker who resides in San Pedro. His oil paintings and books are on display in the Art Gallery at the Sunbreeze Hotel. He has been featured on TV in Washington DC for his paintings and book, “True Love”. He has authored four books and currently writes a weekly column “Secrets to Life” for us at Ambergris Today.
A Mind That Matters book can be purchased at the following places:
Art Gallery in the Sunbreeze Hotel
Art of Touch in the Sunbreeze Hotel
Sol Spa at Vilma Linda Plaza
Angelus Press, Belize City
Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA USA