I found out they were not working for me, this was sent 4th Aug 2008.

Mr Jones, I am aware of the slanderous and inaccurate comments made to Mr Somes and there is no requirement for him to respond to you! I have made my/our position perfectly clear to you on this issue of our commissions in the sale of your property so no more be said or debated. Your claim that we did not represent you in your best interests is based upon what? You refused to sign a Listing Agreement with us, so on what legal basis were we required to represent you?

As in the case with Ms. Cluney and Ms. Ungermann, I shall advise Mr Ebanks, our attorney of your continued slanderous comments made publicly and on local blogs and if such derogatory comments continue, you shall be the one facing charges!

Have a nice day!

Bob Hamilton
Coral Beach Realty
San Pedro, A.C. Belize

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