Did I have a nice NO. I sold our property in April 2007, it was not until April 2008 we discovered that the new owners had a slightly different agreement then us. I came out to San Pedro in June this year to find out the truth and had a meeting with the new owners and their lawyer in san Pedro. Also at the meeting Mr Bob Hamilton was there working with the new owners. That is when I found out he was working for them and not me.

This is an e-mail that Mr Hamilton sent me when I asked for our money back.

----- Original Message ----
From: BOB HAMILTON <[email protected]>
To: John Jones <[email protected]>; Fred Somes <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008 5:42:34 PM
Subject: Re: Fee's

Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for this recent correspondence. Please be advised that our "fees" were based upon the following services:

1) We advertise and market your property.
2) We acquire a buyer for your property.
3) We assist with the negotiation process until an agreement is reached between yourself and the buyer.
4) We prepare a draft purchase agreement for your review with the recommendation that you seek professional legal advice.
5) We facilitate the signing of both parties on two original agreements.
6) We act as Escrow Agent for both parties with regard to documents and funding.
We have performed such services to the satisfaction of both parties AS OF THE TIME OF THE SALE!

However, now, over one year later, your correspondence and actions claim that such services were not provided and request the return of our fees under threat of legal action????

Let me make this perfectly clear! Your accusations that I have "changed, manipulated, replaced, etc.." pages of the original agreement are offensive and liable in a court of law! Letters to the buyer's legal council suggesting criminal action on our behalf, or similar comments to other parties, may also be liable!

You were provided with an original agreement which you now claim you did not receive. Also, somehow the attached Payment Schedule on your multiple, some unsigned copies of the agreement has been replaced with the payment schedule attached to the first agreement where you miss-represented yourself as the owner of the property. The original agreements you signed, as POA, in my office, and I witnessed, had attached the Payment Schedule with the prepayment clause! Under oath in a court of law, I shall testify to this and to the provision to you of an original signed agreement with such Payment Schedule attached. What you have done with this original signed agreement is only known to you!

I trust you understand my position on your accusations and your request for the return of our earned fees! Further accusations of such a nature may result in our taking legal action against you for damages to our professional reputation!

Best regards

Bob Hamilton
Coral Beach Realty
San Pedro, A.C. Belize