How to Cook a Tapir: A Memoir of Belize (Hardcover)
by Joan Fry

"Here is the very unsentimental education of an American bride, who is extraordinarily quick and bright, but ordinarily squeamish about dirt, bugs, bare breasts, and chicken feet in her tamale. Her transformation into a woman who can cook on a stove made of river stones, pave a dirt floor with a paste of ash, slice a tarantula with a machete, and bond with her Maya neighbors even as she cools toward her anthropologist husband is stunningly honest, moving, and convincing. This is a memoir that `broadens' in the way that travel is supposed to, and the recipes woven through the narrative are simple, exotic, and enticing. Now if only I could find a tapir . . ."-Janet Burroway, author of Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft and Bridge of Sand

"Reading and relishing Joan Fry's wonderfully vivid memoir of her time among the Maya, I can almost smell the ripe mangos on the ground and the smoke of the Colonials in the air. I can taste the escabeche and tortillas. How to Cook a Tapir brings Belize to life."-Lan Sluder, author of Fodor's Belize 2008 and publisher of the on-line magazine Belize First

Joan is a wonderful friend of mine. This book is a tremendous account of the time she spent living in a Maya village in the 60's. If you really love Belize you will be thrilled with this book. It will be released in April next year and the pre publication prices on Amazon are pretty good. Highly recommended - Find out more about How to Cook a Tapir
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