Construction has started on a library/media center for the San Pedro Roman Catholic Elementary School donated by the 2008 Isla Bonita Calendar Girls. The new library/media building is located on the school grounds to make it convenient for the children with their educational needs. Funds were raised for the project with the Calendar Girls personal appearances, raffle sales and of course, their world famous calendar, based on the original calendar from across the pond.
The Isla Bonita Calendar Girls would like to thank Varela Lumber, Harmouch Center, Martinez Architects and Mossiah Construction for their donations and discounts. Also much appreciation to Mayor Elsa Paz and the town board including the building and engineering departments for their help in making this project a reality. The community should also give themselves a hand for all their support to the Isla Bonita Calendar Girls because they make it all possible.
The Isla Bonita Calendar Club was started in 2005 to help with the educational needs of the children here on the island. The first calendar was published in 2006. The funds from that calendar sales were used to build two new classrooms the San Pedro Roman Catholic Elementary School. Way to go girls!!!