Her is an updated list of our sell items. Lots of stuff gone, thanks all!

320 sgr ft two bedroom/one bath 2 year old Mennonite built cabin with additional screened porch and burglar bars. Plenty of movers in Belize to get it to your property, originally they moved it from Spanish Lookout to our property: $14000BZ

10 acres of rolling terrain previous orange and grapefruit orchard that has not been worked for a decade. We had the dead trees bull dozed but maintained a dozen orange trees and a dozen grapefruit trees down by the creek. All the rest of the acreage is cleared and ready for your plans. $33000BZ

Complete Solar/wind/generator power system (48 vdc), all the below for $27000BZ
1. 6 Kyocera 175 watt solar panels
2. Mounting racks for solar panels
3. Midnite Solar array combiner
4. Mounting plate for controller hardware
5. Outback MPPT charge controller
6. Outback HUB4 communication manager
7. Outback Mate B display
8. 2 Outback VFX3648 Invertors
9. X240 autotransformer
10. Whisper 200 wind generator with controller
11. 2 Flexware FW500-AC and FW500-DC enclosures
12. All cables, breakers, and connectors.
13. 4 Exrider 12 volt 250AH/530RC deep cycle batteries
14. 5500 watt Voltmaster diesel generator

SOLD Briggs and Stratton 3500 watt gas generator, barely used: $1200BZ

SOLD 13hp 1 bag cement mixer: $2500BZ

844 linear feet of 5 foot chain link fencing with all vertical posts, horizontal stretchers, and hardware. Set up for 3 human size and one car size gates, never installed: $3500BZ

SOLD Kayaks, all three with gear for $2500BZ
1. Robson Waikiki, 10.5'
2. Daggar Animas, 10.5'
3. Daggar Piedra, 9.5'
4. 3 paddles, 3 storage covers, 3 life vests, and 1 spray skirt.

SOLD Beginners wind surfer with two sails, $400BZ

SOLD Water supply system, all the below for $1200BZ
1. Flotek 3/4 hp pressure pump
2. Flotek pressure tank
3. 1/2 hp water pump
4. 120 gallon water storage tank
5. In tank electric water height controller
6. 2 water filter canisters

SOLD Hughesnet satellite internet with dish, DW7000, and cables: $2300BZ

SOLD Small gas range: $150BZ

SOLD Electric refrigerator, 15.7 cubic ft, $150BZ

SOLD 2 butane tanks (50 and 25), $100BZ