A little more historical info .......

What you are calling the Queen's Walk is generally referred to as "Beach Reserve" these days. Back when we arrived (92) it was generally recommended to be 35 feet. Today that has increased to 66 feet .......... with a lot of "buts".

For one thing way back when there were beachfront lots surveyed, subdivided and approved that had depth from the sea of as little as 50 feet. Most of these tiny things are in town, but Spanish Reef north of town has lots that are only 75 feet deep sitting along the beach and there may be others like that.

So plans were approved more or less along the line of 35 (later 66) feet from the sea OR 15 (sometimes 10 depending on the area)feet from the front lot-line, whichever is greater; "BUT" if you imposed those restrictions on a 50' deep lot, and added in the back-lot setbck (which could be as much as 25 feet) you could end up with a lot that had approximately 10' of buildable depth - given that these lots are 45 and 50 feet wide, the imposition of these rules would have rendered these lots relatively unbuildable. The approval boards decided not do declare these difficult lots unbuildable. Hence we have some tight fits here an there. Thankfully there is a better understandeing of land subdivision planning now, and we do not see 45' X 75' beach lots being approved for subdivision on AC.