1) Trash Bin Project
2) Christmas Boat Parade
3) Traffic Bottleneck at Airport
4) Timeshare Salesmen
5) Chamber Website
6) Live Webcams

The Chamber meeting was held at the Blue Water Grill. Thanks so much Kelly
McDermott for taking great care of the Chamber members and guests. Chairman
Tom Vidrine opened the meeting at 12:00.


Jan Brown, Bruce Boyd, Terry and Michelle Colbert, Jonathon Mullen, Gil
Carlson, Marilyn Marks, Harriette Fisher and her daughter, Jim Oliver, and
his wife, Tom Vidrine, Charmaine Tolentino


1) Trash Bin Project

Dr. Wil Lala reported that he has 32 trash bins completed and is waiting on
delivery of the plastic barrels. If anyone that purchased trash bins has not
received or picked up their bins to contact Tom Vidrine at dolphin@btl.net
These 32 bins will be stored at The BoatYard once completed and are
available to anyone that would like to purchase or sponsor a bin for any
school, church, or association.

2) Christmas Boat Parade

Jan Brown reported on the success of the Third Annual Christmas Boat Parade,
and will be sending us the web address to view pictures and winners once it
is completed. Jan also presented a Thank You card to Tom Vidrine on behalf
of the Chamber for its support.

3) Traffic Bottleneck at Airport

Members asked Tom to contact the Mayor's Office on the ongoing problem of
traffic and parking near Tropic Air. Everyone is looking forward to the
completion of the new Tropic Terminal with hopes of alleviating the problem.
But in the meantime the presence of Traffic Wardens controlling the parking
in the area could help.

4) Timeshare Salesmen

It seems with the slow season that Timeshare sales personnel are becoming
more aggressive, and several reports were made on the roving golfcarts used
to confront tourists in the streets. Tom was asked to also discuss this
issue with the Mayoress and/or our Tourism Minister

5) Chamber Website
Jim Oliver reported on the progress of the Chamber's Website, and is in the
process of putting in Director profiles. Jim has taken upon himself to
develop advertising for each of the Chamber's Business Members from their
ads in other locations on the net. Once this is done, each business can make
changes to their information or add special promotions. The developing sites
is at: http://www.ambergrischamber.org
Some Members have requested to continue to get direct emailing of the
Chamber Minutes because of limited access to the internet. If anyone would
like to get the minutes directly, please contact Tom at dolphin@btl.net.

6) Live Webcams
Jonathan Mullen brought up the possibility of installing live webcams in
selected areas of San Pedro to help prevent crime. The possibility was
discussed, and more information of the cost and actual operation was
requested. Presently there are some active webcams located on our island.
The weather cam is at:
Tim and Tina Callahan with Invest in Belize provide a sunset view at:

Please note: There will be no meeting during Christmas Week or New's Year's Week, with
the next meeting scheduled for January 8th of 2009

Our next Chamber meeting will be held on Thursday, January 8th, at the Blue
Water Grill.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.