Just got an email from a worried friend, I know that the phones lines are down but just incase some does know marki or Raul(wolf)from san pedro could you please pass on the message that Zoe would love to hear from them. I think they are living in an apartment above tradewinds. Thanks

Better news

Hurricane Keith persists in blasting the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and northern Belize with torrential rains and devastating winds. The good news is that since part of the circulation is over land, the storm has weakened. Still, the maximum sustained winds are at 125 mph. Keith will remain a powerful storm and its effects will continue to be life threatening. Given the lack of strong steering winds over Keith, its future track is extremely uncertain. Keith may move slowly across the Yucatan Peninsula and emerge in the south-central Gulf of Mexico early Tuesday as a tropical storm. All residents along the Gulf Coast are urged to pay close attention to updates on Keith. Joyce has also weakened and is now a tropical depression. This system is likely to continue on a WNW trajectory over the next several days and gradually power up into a tropical storm again as it slices into the central and western Caribbean.