Thanks all,
First, as a family we have talked a lot about this and had plenty of complete(Including extended family) meetings on this.
Secondly, I am currently a business owner and it is not that I am worried about the cost of a bike rental, but if you do not pay extra close attention to those small things and expenses it will drive you bankrupt. Take your own house hold budgets for example. If most of you would create an excel spread sheet on all that you spend money on, you may find that the largest percentage of moines going out per month are on those little extras that you pick up at the store or that extra beer or two or more that you order at the bar and pay for it the next morning when you could be could do just fine on less. Now do not get me wrong I know because I am guilty of doing those exact things. I know exactly what my monthly fixed expenses are here at home and yet last summer I always seemed to be short of what I thought I should have. Went back and looked at records and found that in any given month I had spend $500 plus dollars on eating out, gas station drinks and snacks, coffee shop stops, etc.
So all I am doing right now is trying to put a budget together as what the trip will cost. Also, my wife was planning on coming and we are not happy that it did not work out, although it is not that easy to find someone to take 3 kids ages 6,5,1 for 1 or 2 weeks. Especially since most of our friends already have 2 or more kids, adding 3 more and that will just send you to the loony farm. Melissa is planning a trip down there with her Mom around the last week of Feb or First week of March. So that is also going to cost extra as it would have been less expensive for us to go together. If you do not at least try to make a dream a reality, than what is the point in having that Dream!
As for affording the move.. I compare it to the old analogy that we have heard from so many, and that is, you should wait to have kids till you can afford it...ha... If most did that, I believe we would be turning 80 before our kids were graduating High School and when and how do you know that you are every ready. For most the more you have the more you want, than you can always carry that excuse that I am not ready.. There is no guarantee that this is or will work out for us, but we must try to find out.
I do not plan on starting a business there, I am interested in buying an existing business and have been watching a few that I am interested in.

But, again I appreciate all the comments, it is good to have those devil advocates, they are the ones that will help us succeed in what we are looking for. I do not wish to move there and retire, already used to working 14-17 hour days. And it stinks! I think 10-12 is enough.

Thanks Much!