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Uncharacteristically, I disagree, pug...

Perhaps due to your delight in taking the opposing position?

If the analogy had be that of an illiterate teaching writing, or even of a Senator* teaching fiscal responsibility, I may have let it slide, but there is no information about the legless man: was he born that way, or did the bus crash on the way back from the Olympic Medal ceremony and he tragically lost the use of the limbs that just hours before had made him a world champion, leaving him now to coach others in their quest for greatness smile

Inherent dislike or disdain for the subject of a punch line does not per se make the punch line funny, and Dogmatic should really try harder if his position is of him continuing to create and publish quality content

Without this self proclaimed mantle, he could have got away with a 2nd rate jibe

* the senator teaching fiscal responsibility remark would be similarly rendered inaccurate by Tom Coburn R,Oklhoma, who consistently pis*es off those on both sides of the aisle by frequently adding amendments to increase transparency in spending bills
More like him are needed in both parties

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......