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Having read your posts, I fully understand your inability to deliver a money shot* smile

Deep seated mother issues?

If your masochistic tendencies require that we continue this, perhaps PM's would be less offensive to ACMBers in general?

*As a wordsmith, (you are obviously not a "swordsmith" laugh ) I thought perhaps you would recognize "jerky" as a male action while "writhe" and "wriggle" would be far more feminine ?

What a simpleton approach to establish a fencing analogy. I think you meant to convey examples of swordsmanship instead of a simpleminded oaf, such as a swordsmith, that tirelessly pounds on metal (or words in your case) to achieve an edge?

Still, by your comments, I'm afraid you have too much sugar in your blood for me to continue my repartee. How about them Cowboys, to keep things on a manly theme? smile Happy New Year too. smile

If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.