Each rule should have a set of exceptions for special circumstances. But on the other hand, I usually check the pool rules first, especially if not my pool, prior to jumping in. My family has been asked to leave a pool once or twice and my people are pasty white. I thouhgt it was beacuase we needed a tan!

The rule for "guests only" or "owner's only" is for good reason. Pools can be difficult to keep clean and here in Belize, as with everything, expensive. Opening up your pool to non paying guests or owners is a nice guesture as long as the owner(s) are willing to pay for this public service. It is hard to let some swim and not allow others. The age old, "make a rule, die by the rule" scenario. Many times folks just jump in without showering off their body oils and with street clothes.

I always chuckle when I hear people saying, "yeah, go buy a beer and then you can swim and sun all day at so and so." What happened to the guy that paid $200 a night and is buying all his meals there? He shuold wait for a pool chair and swim in a crowded pool?

The tennis club only charges $5 for a day pass. The beach is free.

You have to realize too that this island was split up and owned by the original San Pedrano families not too long ago. Selling your land for cash gives the new owners certain rights to privacy. Dad can't sell the farm and then let his kids go and pick the corn on it.

Although it would be very nice and neighborly to allow everyone on your land and in your pool, the law doesn't require such as it does with the docks and beach. Thank God for that or us poor folk wouldn't be allowed on 95% of the beaches and docks here on La Isla!