Locals = people who live here. What is racist about that?

Colly, are we guests or are we locals? I think we are locals who happen to be white. I live here, own properties, businesses, pay my taxes, vote and care deeply about the future of the country. I'm local, I just wasn't born here. Just because their skin is darker than mine I have to consider myself a guest in their country? Many of whom are not actually Belizean. Thats what sounds racist to me.

Pools are not public property. I wouldn't assume I could swim at a hotel or condo's pool just because I'm a gringa.

If I sound a little angry it is because I am. I am the one who told you you cannot fish on my dock, just like I tell every other living sole who tries. Hang out and swim, thats not a problem. When I say 'locals' I mean people who live here on the island. In all my time here, I've had only one tourist try and fish on my dock.

I fully respect all of Belize and its people and to call me racist because I use the term local is complete B#llsh*t.