Did you watch the morning show? Have you spoken to Eiden? Are you making opinions without hearing all the facts?

Is this phrase "ugly" to you?: "You know what would happen if we let locals in here".

"Forgive them Father as they know not what they do" pertains to this woman.

What would happen? This pool had been empty 20 times out of the 25 times I have been there. I wish someone would answer this lady's rhetorical question. What is the assumption she is leading to? What would happen if this Senior Justice of the Peace and Senator of Belize was allowed to dangle his legs in the pool while supervising his son? Would this small oversized plunge pool be over run by the 20,000 local population? My kids prefer the Sea that God owns. I'm glad he let's all people swim in it.

Seems to me she was trying to justify kicking this father son duo out of her condo complex's pool but added insult to injury.

To enlighten everyone, the main issue was not about being asked to leave, it was the phrase used trying to justify this action.

Maybe Ugly should be changed to Ignorant in this case. Point duly noted.