I have read these posts with a lot of restraint. There is so much misinformation it is hard to know what is important and what is not.

For the record I am an owner here and the only one out of ten who live here.
No one has talked to me about the use of the pool. I would be interested to know who the “two owners” are.

There is NO management Company – we have a home owners association.
We have a Maintenance Management team (who are wonderful) that takes care of the grounds. They are also hired by some of the homeowners to rent out their units.
The woman who asked the boys to leave the pool is an owner and the wife of one of the three directors.
There was not one boy in the pool there were four. At least one if not two was in street clothes.
Eiden and his wife had been bar patrons while the boys played around the pool.
I was told (did not hear directly) that Eiden had asked the bartender if they could swim. The bartender said “only bar patrons – not the boys.”
For some reason the bar tender left.
At that point Eiden and his wife went around to the lounge chairs beside the pool. When he moved over to the edge of the pool and dangled his feet in the water the boys started swimming. So Eiden did this knowing the limitations set by the bar.

I already reported what I heard and will not restate it. There was nothing hostile about it.

This woman has a lot of local kids that come to visit her – to label someone as racist is a hurtful and hateful thing to do.
I like Eiden – except when, on the morning show, he goes off on a tangent speaking Spanish which I can’t understand.

This topic has gotten blown way out of proportion and I think it needs to be put to bed.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles