I received some figures from the BTB with Tourism arrivals in the Caribbean over 2008. It is not the whole year; the period is mentioned per country.

The first sheet are the stop over arrivals per country and the second sheet is a breakdown per region where they came from.

We already know tourism in Belize decreased, but there were some surprises:

The Dutch Antilles all show an increase:
Aruba +15.9% mainly Europeans and other countries.
Bonaire +7.9% Europeans and mainly other countries.
Curacau +30.9% mainly Europeans and other countries.
Saba +3.4% mainly Europeans and other countries.
St. Eustatius + 4% and St. Maarten + 3.9% manly Europeans.

Other increasing countries are:
Cancun +6.4% US and Canadians.
Cayman Islands +8% all markets.
Cuba +10.7% Canadians and other countries.
Jamaica +5% Canadians and other countries.
St. Lucia +5.2% Canadians and Europeans.

Tourist (Stop-over) Arrivals per Country:
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Tourist Arrivals by Main Market:
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