Hello, me and my fiancee plan on getting married sometime next year (Jan-Feb 2010) and we are considering Belize. But there are so many options we feel a little bit over whelmed. So I decided to come here and maybe get some advice or pointers are some things to look for or avoid, or maybe some of your experiences with places.

First off, we are 23/24 and not looking for a nightlife party scene. We want something private and romantic. I would like to be close to the ocean but I'm still open to more inland type resorts. Also, the idea of staying on an island off the coast almost sounds to secluded and getting onto the mainland to exp things may be hard, is this true? We both enjoy hiking and out door things, as well as exploring the city. Mostly we just enjoy lounging around and taking things as they come.

We are looking to stay 7 nights about and would like to spend $5,000 US about (less is better) if its all inclusive. We would like a small ceremony but nothing crazy, as it will be just me and her with no family.

Thanks for any tips/info or whatever!