I need to know if anyone has ever been successful using their phone's email capabilities while in AC.

We will be arriving Jan 27 and I was misinformed by Verizon, I believe. First they said I could, now not so much.

Let me say, I am not a Blackberry addict, but that is how I was planning on staying in contact. It sounds now like that most probably won't happen. I am fine with being out of touch while I am on VACATION. I work for myself and thought I would sneek away. OOOppppssss!
I had been looking into the process and today was informed while purchasing my new global package and SIM card that Belize is not accessible.

Anybody try this before? Anybody successful? Should I just check in at an Internet Cafe everyday? Do they have computers there for the renting/borrowing? Is that what an internet cafe is? You don't bring the computer, they have it?

I know, and they actually sold me a blackberry, can you believe it?

Thanks for the help. Little dissapointed if it doesn't work, but not destroyed. And definitely NOT cancelling my trip. See you all in a few days. Can't wait!

Florist Ferny