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On Monday, January 19, Dr. Daniel Gonzalez of Ambergris Hope Clinic received donation of an Oxygen Concentration. This kind donation was given by Moose a great friend of Dr. Danny.
In speaking with Moose he expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Daniel, “I am very grateful to Dr. Danny for he is an honorable man and because he has saved my life twice,” commented Moose. “I believe that by donating this machine I am contributing not only to save a person’s life but I’m also giving back to all Sanpedranos who have whole heartidly made me feel at home and consider me a Sanpedrano.”
Moose is a kind man with a big heart and with lots of love for San Pedro and its people. Back in 2004, Moose cut his long dread which he had grown for over thirty years and auctioned it at Fido’s, raising a total of $1,445, which he also donated to Dr. Danny. Kudos to Moose, a true Sanpedrano at heart.
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